Art and the Human Connection: Val Resh’s New Project

Val Resh shares she’s launching a large-scale art project Shared Consciousness: a search for human connection through art. Her search began with this question: How can I unite the world with the colours that have helped me this far? More on her project below and how you can take part.

This search began in September 2019 when I found out that my brain tumour had returned. Just the thought of it affected me drastically & made me revisit everything I have been doing “How do I connect people through their differences and discrimination?”

Val Resh

“Having battled schizophrenia and multiple other conditions, the stigma I continue facing alongside the invisible effects of a brain tumour made me relook my narrative and work in mental health as an activist, as despite being in public eye, having achieved things, the discrimination I continue to receive at a personal level from society simply for having schizophrenia seems to outweigh all my achievements and negating even others with the conditions who reach out to me,” she shares.


Val Resh has shared more on her site and a request for crowd-funding so she can build on this ambitious project. Details of the entire project are here:

How you can contribute:

1. Donate with an amount you’re comfortable with (starting at Rs.100) for her CROWDFUNDING on MILAAP

2. Submit your own story (anonymous entries are welcome)

3. Share the links with everyone in your network to subimt their stories. This is open to anyone from all across the world — irrespective of mental health condition

Feature Image: Red Lotus Art by Val Resh