Real Stories of Dealing with Depression is the first book in Simon and Schuster’s ‘Mindscape’ series. The book includes a set of first-person accounts and informative articles written by mental health professionals. It is put together by Amrita Tripathi, the founder-editor of The Health Collective, an online portal focused on providing a safe space for conversations about mental health, as well as information and resources. She is assisted in this book by psychologist Arpita Anand, who offers a psychologist’s perspective on each account.

Books on mental health have slowly started to appear on the Indian landscape. Noteworthy titles include Shubhrata Prakash’s The D-Word, which is the testimony of an IRS officer — someone who has, by every Indian middle-class standard, made it — about her struggles with depression. Prakash is one of the ten people who have offered first-person accounts in this book as well. Another book that caught my eye was Vijay Nallawala’s A Bipolar’s Journey.