Mental Health Books: Reccos from Therapist and Author Meera Haran Alva

By Meera Haran Alva
There many books that have influenced me and some that I have recently discovered, which have added value to my life.


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I love the series of books by Harriet Lerner, I highly recommend her book titled ‘The Dance  of Fear’ – it’s  about rising above anxiety, fear and shame – a very insightful book.


The Dance of Fear book
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Her other book ‘The Dance of Anger’ is supposed to be a women’s guide to changing patterns of intimate relationships – I however think it’s for anyone who wants to understand anger and the dynamics of intimate relationships and how you can work towards change.
I love all of Louise Hay’s books – especially Heal Your Body’.
I am inspired by Jack Kornfield’s books as well on Mindfulness as a way of life.
Healing Room Book
Healing Room, by Reena Nath


I highly recommend the ‘Healing Room’ edited by Reena Nath– it is a wonderful guide and introduction to psychotherapy – different approaches in psychotherapy and the how’s and why’s of seeking therapy. It’s an excellent resource for anyone interested in their mental health and psychotherapy.


About the Author: Meera Haran Alva is a psychotherapist and the co-author of the book Young Mental Health, which is available at leading bookstores, and online for purchase here.


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