Healthy Brains Global Initiative Invites Lived Experience Council Applications

As many mental health stakeholders, advocates and organisations highlight the need to center discourse on Mental Health and Mental Illness around lived experience, here is a message from the Healthy Brains Global Initiative, which seeks to “mobilize US$10 billion for brain health research that will ultimately benefit people living with neurological and mental health disorders”, to quote from their site.
They share more on the mission and a call for applications for a Lived Experience Council, with The Health Collective.
Many organisations doing mental health research do not involve people with lived experience of these conditions (whether personal or in their family or friends) or build it in as an afterthought. At the Healthy Brains Global Initiative (HBGI), we believe these perspectives needed to be embedded at every level of our organization from the bottom-up so that we do research that really matters. Moreover, we believe in bringing together a variety of people that represents the global scope of our project.
“My family benefitted from innovative neuropsychiatric brain research when our son, Brandon was diagnosed with schizophrenia in the early 1990s – since then, we have pushed for a world where all people facing brain health challenges can build healthy, productive lives.” – Garen Staglin, co-founder of HBGI

The Healthy Brain Global Initiative (HBGI, invites applications to its Lived Experience Council. As a Council member, you would be joining a network of individuals with lived experiences passionate about ensuring that organisations doing brain health research incorporate the perspectives of those most affected by their work from the bottom up.

What are the eligibility criteria?


  • Lived experience(s) with mental or neurological challenges from personal experience or from supporting family or friends.

  • Interest in setting up sustainable systems surrounding incorporation of lived experiences or elevating underrepresented voices within an organization

  • Passion for building an inclusive culture and supporting meaningful engagement in those systems

  • Can attend 4 Council meetings per year

Strongly recommended:

  • Experience working with others with lived experiences and the ability to gather feedback to provide a broad perspective

  • Experience participating in or advising project teams

  • Willingness to participate in committees on specific projects as interested (time commitment dependent on project

HBGI is dedicated to developing a Council that includes a wide range of perspectives across age, condition, ethnicity, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Applications are encouraged from all parts of the community. We strongly encourage applications from youth (people under thirty), people living outside of the United States of America, from people with experience in low resource settings, and from people with lived experiences of epilepsy or traumatic brain injuries.

For a full description of the role, check this link and you can apply here.

Please note: Application Closes October 30, 2020

Feature Image: By Natasha Spencer on Unsplash; Image Credit: Total Shape