Affirmations: I Am Safe

By Adwaita Das

Affirmation I Feel Safe
Affirmations by Adwaita Das for The Health Collective


Fear can cause extreme distress in daily life. And the news is full of fear. But remember, things are getting better. Each of us is making the world a more loving place. Each act of self love manifests wellness in one’s surroundings. When feeling anxious, breathe deeply, and affirm “I am safe”. It brings calm within oneself, as well as all around!


About the artist: Adwaita is an author-filmmaker-artist. Her books Colours of Shadow, 27 Stitches, and Songs of Sanity deal with mental health awareness. Karon Kolkata Ebong Onyo Golpo, her debut feature film, is ready for release. She is currently creating art to share good vibes, and writing epic sci-fi fantasy to make mindfulness the coolest thing!

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