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The Health Collective aims to be a safe space for conversations, a repository of information and resources, especially for those here in India.

We start with Mental Health, where India is traditionally under-served. We are committed to providing a platform for you to share your story...of living with a mental health issue, or caring for someone who does...You can be as anonymous as you like, and you can also engage with a lovely community that is coming together right here. (You will hear this more than once from us: You're not alone.)

Working with trusted mental health experts, we start step-by-step, to list out the basics you need to know; aggregate a list of helplines/ resources available, as well as vetted psychologists and psychiatrists, so that when you need someone, you'll be able to find someone trusted close to you.

The Health Collective is privileged to be consulting with leading psychologists and psychiatrists -- From Dr Amit Sen of Children First and Dr Achal Bhagat of Saarthak to Varkha ChulaniMeera Haran Alva and Arpita AnandProf Vindhya Unudurti of TISS, Hyderabad and many others, whose writing you will find in our Blog / Mental Health sections. 

Media Friends, please do not hesitate to reach out for information on resources to report responsibly (including the Samaritans Media Guidelines on reporting on Suicide).

We will also be crowd-sourcing a new "Media Watch" section to keep an eye on portrayal of mental health/ illness in the media + keep any eye on sensationalising or over-dramatising, as well as misleading and potentially harmful portrayals.

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We are also delighted to feature on the global Mental Health Innovation Network as of October, 2016. Onward!


-- Amrita Tripathi (Founder-Editor) and the team







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