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The Health Collective’s mission is to raise awareness and share credible information on Mental Health and Mental Illness from an India lens, with original reportage, stories of lived experience, expert columns and comics. Till date we have ~450 stories, and more than 300K uniques on our site, as well as a vibrant community and tribe that is only growing by the month.

Our aim is to keep this information free, accessible to all and to help move the needle on these vital conversations in India, expand into non-English languages, create more video content, and collectively work to defeat the stigma. It starts with each of us.

No labour is for free (nor should it be): We pay contributors for columns, art and comics (except those who waive their fees, and except for pure-play first person stories or testimonials).

How do we keep going: So far we have been privately funded via our own resources, patrons of The Health Collective, and have had costs defrayed via content syndication and the Mindscape book series published by Simon & Schuster India.

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