Health Collective Talks: Real Conversations on Mental Health in India

What do we make of ‘Mental Health in India’ — What are the issues we need to be talking about, the conversations we need to be having? Where is the reality check to balance out the pop psychology on display, the nuance to balance out the click-bait, and the real information to check the (all-too-often-toxic) positivity? We present The Health Collective Talks — two-four interviews a month that will cut through the clutter and ensure we have the conversations we need to be having. Join us! Weigh in and share your comments right here.

Our first episode features Arjun Kapoor, a trained lawyer and psychologist and Programme Manager & Research Fellow at the Centre for Mental Health Law & Policy, Indian Law Society, Pune. He speaks to Amrita Tripathi about the landmark Mental Healthcare Act, our rights as citizens, his own personal journey with Anxiety, and much more. Here’s one of they key take-aways from the conversation, that applies to each of us!

The first (thing) is to realise that there is no single person who doesn’t experience distress or who hasn’t been through a mental health problem at some point in their life. Mental health issues are universal, they are basic to the very human condition. The more we realise and accept that and start talking about it, I think (the more) it’s going to make things very simple for people around us to be more open about what they’re going through, or reach out to others with support and some form of empathy…

Arjun Kapoor on Health Collective Talks

You can check out a short excerpt from the video here

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