Let’s Talk: How are We Feeling?

We recently held a few chats to see how people are feeling… wanted to reach out to as many people as possible to say… It’s Ok.

It’s tough and unprecedented, and it’s ok to feel overwhelmed.

And yes, it is a spectrum of concerns, a spectrum of feelings.

Adding some of the links here to the chats in case you want to watch them or share your thoughts. The first one (in two parts) was on Friday, with Tanmoy Goswami, Shubhrata Prakash and Smriti Sawhney; the second one was with Kamna Chhibber taking some of your questions, with a guest appearance by Dr Samir Parikh!




Audience Question on Anxiety
Image by The Health Collective


Accept Your Feelings
Image by The Health Collective


Kamna Chhibber on Therapy in the time of Isolation
Image by The Health Collective


So… Let’s keep talking.

Remember that you’re #NotAlone

Write to us if you would like to share something, even anonymously.



Feature Image by rawpixel.com