New Year, New Stories, New Us!

Let’s take a moment and recharge before we jump helter-skelter into the new year, already!

We are doing just that — while I’ll be working on some new programming, content series, and more (more MORE) ways to get the community together to talk about the things that matter, I’ll also be sharing a snapshot of what we’ve done so far, where we want to go, what’s changed, and where we can use your help!

For the moment, anyone who wants to pause for the next 6 minutes, do listen in to senior journalist HR Venkatesh being super-candid, vulnerable and conversational as he shares some of his journey when it comes to Mental Health. We hope this will help as we aim to ‘normalise’ more conversations around mental health and all of our journeys.

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Remember that whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone. #LetsTalk