Your Stories: Understanding Therapy

‘Dialogue With A Therapist’ shared by Pearl

TherapistWhat does your inner voice tell you?

Me: To go travelling (Giggles)

Therapist: Why are you giggling? Are you feeling embarrassed?

Me: Yes I am. People are doing community service, doing great things for their families, building brands, inventing stuff, etc and my inner voice is telling me to go travelling at this age. It just feels frivolous by comparison.

Therapist: Do you believe that there is something fundamentally wrong with travelling?

Me: Well, I believe it is recreational in nature. It is the sport of either the rich or the really confident. I feel I am neither.

Therapist: Do you perceive anything fundamentally flawed in that belief?



Me: Yes I do. It does not make sense even to my dull mind. I have always told others to follow their own  hearts, and to do what they believe in.

Therapist: Do you see how you trivialise your own needs and feelings? Forget others. You do it to yourself. You make fun of your own wants and desires. You laugh at them, feel embarrassed about them. You carry a flawed belief about your own desires, and your capabilities to achieve them.

Me: Yes, I see.

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