Your Stories: What Does It Mean to Be Strong?

As part of our new series A Mental Health Journey, we are inviting folks to share some of their thoughts — in as much detail as they would like — about what their mental health journey has been like. When did we first start paying attention to our own mental health? What are some of the things we’ve learned along the way? How can we make these conversations a bit easier? These aren’t meant to be exhaustive or prescriptive, but more… a few more stories in the moving tapestry of our lives. Let us all know that we are #notalone in what we go through, and hopefully find what resonates.

We all have different ways of coping with grief, loss and tragedy. What does it mean when we tell each other, even children, to “be strong”? In this powerful video, long-distance runner Payal Kamat shares with The Health Collective how she found new meaning in being strong, showing strength and toughness, by being true to her emotions, vulnerability, and experience. Tell us if this resonates with you and your journey and anything you’d like to share?

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This is part of a personal experience shared in the hope that we can help make conversations easier. Please do not consider this professional advice. Please reach out to a mental health professional for advice or coping strategies if you need to. Some resources are here.
Do share your feedback on this series — you can share your comments right here, on social or email us if you’d like (team[at]healthcollective[dot]in)