My Take: The Insta-Feel Good Accounts That Made My Week

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It’s the weekend (yay!) and that means it’s time for another edition of #MyTake. For this week, I have selected a bunch of Instagram accounts that help me cope with my mental health and make me feel like a badass woman. 

Some of these belong to the new-age ‘Insta-psychologists’ category who, in a short reel, reveal deep secrets about you…I have also included one of my favourite instagram accounts that isn’t exactly mental health-related but it empowers me whenever I feel down. 

Anyway, check these out and let me know your thoughts!

Image from Instagram
  1. Dr. Nicole LePera (@the.holistic.psychologist): Her posts and reels are simply amazing. In under a minute she explains negative behavioural patterns such as people-pleasing, harbouring unstable relationships and being unassertive. The way she explains these issues makes you understand why your brain is acting the way it is. Her posts can be scarily accurate but thankfully she provides guidelines on how to overcome negative thinking and behavioural patterns. 

  2. Saloni Chopra (@salonichopraofficial): This is one of my all-time favourite Instagram accounts. Saloni Chopra preaches fiercely accepting yourself as you are. She is the feminst icon for Indian girls who have been taught all their lives to shrink themselves to make space for men. She encourages women to be proud of their femininity and reminds them that they can in fact, have it all. Her captions are her strong suit and they inspire you to accept your mind and body- scars and all.
  3. Dr. Daniel Amen (@doc_amen): He is a psychiatrist who explains how our brain responds when we undergo depression, anxiety or stress. He also guides people on the kinds of food and nutrition they should consume to lead better lives- after all physical health and mental health go hand in hand. He promotes changing our thinking patterns and leading a holistic lifestyle. 

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Thanks for reading! Do share your own recommendations on content involving mental health, so that we can learn from each other. You can read my earlier reccos from Insta here and my favourite podcasts here. Also, read other stories and discussions that continue the conversation on our website

About the Author: Riya Aggarwal is a journalist who likes to write about mental health, women’s rights, and culture. (@riyumiyu_)