Why We Need to Address Stigma

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Stigma is the barrier which prevents us from embracing our mental health. It is a form of prejudice which creates fear. It is a result of misinformation. Each one us should reflect on where we have gained this knowledge from — was it from home, school, college, work, the media. Work on breaking down the stigma you possess by seeking the right information through education and conversations around mental health. Let’s continue the conversation.  

About the authorAnne Sureshkumar holds masters degrees in social work and philosophy: guidance and counselling, and is a registered social worker. Raised in Zambia and Nigeria, she has lived largely in the south of India, before moving to Canada.  Anne grew up questioning the alarming socio-economic inequalities and gender biases within present-day societies, which determined her career choice in social work. In Canada, she focuses on immigrant populations and counselling. Her areas of interest include anti-racism work, mental health, domestic violence, intersectionality, identity development for ethnic and sexual minorities, research, public speaking, and writing. Anne co-chaired the Diversity working group at the Calgary Counselling Centre. She currently is the Trauma therapist who supports the Anti racism work of the Calgary police and is in private practice. Anne was also nominated for the Alberta Inspirational Awards in 2018.