Have You Ever Had Imposter Syndrome? Meet Tsuki in this Comic to Find Out More

By Shoili Kanungo

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Tsuki means Moon in Japanese. The moon, being Tsuki Rabbit’s namesake, always brings a flash of inspiration to Tsuki when he is drowning under the burden of a cognitive distortion. I am indebted to Dr. David Burn’s book ‘Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy’ for illuminating some of the many cognitive distortions that may afflict us from time to time. My work is inspired by his definitions of the distortions.

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About the Artist: Shoili Kanungo is an artist and designer based in New Delhi. You can find her work at www.shoilikanungo.art and follow her on www.instagram.com/shoili and https://twitter.com/Shoili_Kanungo