Does Mental Health in India have a Fake News Problem?

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In this episode of Health Collective Talks, Amrita Tripathi speaks to the co-founder and chief of Product for Quilt.AI, Dr Angad Chowhdry to unpack findings from a recent report on Mental Health in India.

From the finding that there were ‘11 MILLION searches for Anxiety‘ alone, to his belief that some major intervention may be required to clean up the ‘snake oil’ or ‘fake news’ in the Mental Health ecosystem, given all the harm that it is doing… to the realisation that young people are not able to get the help they need or access accredited services in a transparent fashion, do listen to our two-part video interview for more.

Dr Chowdhry also touches upon what he learned from his research into a 40-50 year trajectory/ overview of Mental Health reporting in India, and highlights the need for an intervention given those peddling harmful myths on Mental Health and Illness.

Trigger warning: This conversation talks about searches on Suicide and Suicide Prevention. (Editor’s Note: If you or anyone you know is feeling distressed or suicidal, please reach out to a professional for help. You can find some third-party helplines listed here)

Does Mental Health have a Fake News problem? Watch Part Two of the Interview here

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Disclaimer: The Health Collective features briefly as a ‘micro-influencer’ in the Mental Health report by Quilt.AI..