You are Unique: A Therapist’s Message to the Class of 2020

By Varkha Chulani

I’m addressing the graduating class of 2020, congratulations on your graduation!

You must remember at this time when the world has turned on its head and Covid-19 has disrupted every aspect of life, you are a unique graduate!



You are unique because of this pandemic, you will be able to do two different things from the ordinary…

1. You will be able to practice the pause.

You will be able to step back and assess where you are in life today. What is it you need to do to plan further?
As John Lennon said, Life is what happens when we’re making other plans. 
This is the time when you can reflect, review and actually create a realistic path of how you want to walk ahead, as the real world unfolds in front of you

2. The meaning you give this time of life will determine whether you will be able to stay afloat or sink.

As Alfred Adler the great psychologist said, experience is not what happens to you, experience is what you make of the happening. And the making is in our attitudes. If the meaning you give to this pandemic and phase of life, is oh god, life is over, I’m finished, but naturally you’ll sink. But if you give a meaning…’Let me give a meaning with what I am and what I have’ (for example), you’ll be able to stay afloat.

Let your tassel be worth the hassle because the years of effort you’ve put into graduating – let them be worth the efforts that will now be required for you to walk into a different set of realities.

Congratulations, stay safe, stay well, and most importantly, stay healthy! Good luck, and all the best.




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