You’re Not Alone: Sharing your Thoughts in Solidarity

I put up a short video to kick off part of our #NotAlone campaign and conversations for those of you who want to share how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, and if you want to send a message of solidarity to others going through what they’re going through. No pressure to join in! If you do want to, though, share your videos in any language you’re comfortable with + tag us on social and you can always also message/mail if you have a message but would prefer to share it anonymously.

Also remember that you can send in your questions for the #AsktheExperts series, and we’ll ask them on your behalf. (Email: team[at]healthcollective[dot]in)

Above all, stay well!



Here’s the wonderful Vandita Morarka sharing her thoughts wiht us on what we’re going through right now



And here’s a look at Dr Karan Thakur’s message to all of us in these strange times!



Feature image by Dustin Belt on Unsplash