Let’s Talk Mental Health: A Series of Conversations

We curated a 4-part series to Talk about Mental Health for Roli Pulse, featuring some wonderful speakers, looking to demystify Mental Health and explore various important themes. You can watch each of the four episodes here or bookmark, and keep an eye out for shorter excerpts!



Talking Mental Health: Episode 1
Why We Need to Care

Jagriti Chandra in conversation with Kamna Chhibber


Talking Mental Health: Episode 2

Young Mental Health

Sunalini Mathew in conversation with Dr Amit Sen


Talking Mental Health: Episode 3

Demystifying Therapy

Amrita Tripathi in conversation with Varkha Chulani


Talking Mental Health: Episode 4
Anxiety Central: Living Through the Pandemic

Anant Zanane in conversation with Hvovi Bhagwagar



Feature Image by Raw Pixel