Anxiety and Us: What We Need to Know

By Amrita Tripathi

I interviewed Dr Soumitra Pathare of the Centre for Mental Health Law and Policy, ILS Pune, for a book I’m working on called ‘The Age of Anxiety’ (co-authored with psychologist Kamna Chhibber). You can read more about the latest in the book series here.

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I found his insights very helpful, including on: when anxiety is ‘normal’ under the circumstances (eg, ‘I worry I might get Covid-19’), when to worry and reach out for help (when it starts impeding my day-to-day functions and activity), what we can do to control some of the uncertainty (including advice for the Batch of 2020!) and a fascinating approach to creating a hierarchy of solutions that we can each be a part of.

Please watch a lightly edited virtual (via laptop) interview here and do share your feedback with us well.


Here’s one quote that I think bears repeating as well.


Understanding Anxiety
The Health Collective


Please do take care of yourselves, practice self-care where you can, talk to trusted friends and family members, and don’t forget to reach out for help if you need to talk to a professional. We have some information listed on the Contact page, but do check out the iCall helpline; aso check out more on Understanding Therapy.



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