YouthBol: What’s the Health Wishlist for 1 Lakh Young Indians?

YouthBol, a campaign launched last September by the Centre for Catalysing Change and its partner USAID’s Maternal Child Survival Plan Project, released findings from a poll that reached more than 1 lakh young Indians. The idea was to find out what Young India’s priorities are when it comes to health and well-being.

Their press release specifies that the poll reached out to 1,10,092 people across three age groups (10-14, 15-19 and 20-24) in 27 states and 4 Union Territories, via field as well as online outreach.

Youth Bol survey
Image courtesy Centre for Catalyzing Change (C3)

Key findings, quoting from their press release:

  • In percentage terms, 10-24 year olds in India – indicate the YouthBol results – have two key concerns that preoccupy them: health and in-school services. Thirty six percent of the over one lakh respondents said health was their top priority, while 26% laid emphasis on in-school facilities.
  • Under the broad category of health-related responses, the most strident demand that YouthBol has thrown up has been for information (and action) on prevention of substance abuse.
  • Many young women polled by YouthBol ranked access to information and care on menstruation, menstrual pain management, and menstrual hygiene and products at the top of their wish-list
  • … For the oldest age group (20-24 years), information on and access to contraceptive methods and family planning services emerged as a key priority. This demand was also the highest among YouthBol respondents who were married
  • Mental health-related information and services is also a priority theme. YouthBol indicates that young people want information on how to cope with academic pressure and stress, peer-pressure and bullying. They also want better access to non-judgemental, confidential, and affordable mental health services
  • For young people who stated they were in relationships, obtaining more information on sexual attraction, love and relationships emerged as a strong priority.

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