The Book Launch Adventure

By Amrita Tripathi

We launched the book ‘Real Stories of Dealing With Depression’ in Delhi on Friday, June 28, and could not have been happier with the turn-out, the attentiveness of the audience, or the calibre of the conversations and comments. It was incredible to have contributors Anant Zanane, Deepa Singh, Shubhrata Prakash and Swarnima Bhattacharya with us, and in fact their stories on The Health Collective sparked us off on this incredible journey.

A huge effort has culminated in this — and here we hope those of you who have had a chance to delve into the stories themselves, or might want to buy a copy of our magnum opus, will share your feedback with us, openly.

What’s in the book? We have first-person accounts, commentary by the wonderful psychologist Arpita Anand, insight and articles by the psychologists Ratna Golaknath and Meera Haran Alva as well as Myth-busting, art, an excerpt of an interview with Dr Vikram Patel and much more, including a synopsis of studies for further reading.

Here’s how we started the launch evening, for those who couldn’t make it!

Do check out more of the videos on our YT channel here and share your feedback. Hope to engage in more conversations with more of you soon!