Understanding Depression

By Amrita Tripathi

It gets confusing, sometimes, the way we use “I’m feeling depressed” to mean something that is momentary, a case of the “blues”; which is of course also technically accurate usage.

But to understand whether you or a loved one might be suffering from clinical depression, which is a mood disorder that requires treatment, and often medication, can make a world of difference.

  • Clinical depression is also called Major Depression or Major Depressive Disorder
  • Feeling the “blues” or feeling low or depressed in a non-clinical way is something that everyone goes through and yes, the mood often passes. Clinical depression on the other hand, needs to be diagnosed and treated
  • Just for your reference, in neither case, is it helpful to tell someone to “shake it off”
  • And perhaps it’s important to emphasise: No one chooses to be depressed
  • You can see more common myths and facts here below

    The Health Collective

The World Health Organisation estimates that about 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression.

A few years ago, for Mental Health Day, they collaborated with writer and illustrator Matthew Johnstone to create this video, telling “the story of overcoming the black dog of depression”. It is based on his own book, ‘I Had a Black Dog’.

I know, right?

Some important things to remember: 

1) You’re not alone 

2) Things can get better

3) Help is available*

*Coming soon: An updated directory of resources in India and stories from the trenches.
(Our resource centre will be updated on a rolling basis)


Disclaimer: Material on The Health Collective cannot and does not claim to substitute for expert advice from a trained professional.

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