Six Years of The Health Collective: Let’s Talk

As we mark 6 years of The Health Collective, we hosted an event and met many of our contributors, patrons, tribe, in real life. It was fantastic. We’ll be sharing snippets and more, going fwd, but take a look at some of the highlights — our panels on Lived Experience, Why We Tell Stories, and Post-Pandemic Parenting.

Introducing The Health Collective with Amrita Tripathi
Panel on Owning our Narrative and Lived Experience with Shubhrata Prakash, Ayushi Khemka and Tanmoy Goswami in conversation with Anindita Chatterjee
Panel on Why We Tell our Stories, featuring art, pop culture and more, with Ishita Mehra and Ayushi Khemka in conversation with Amrita Tripathi
Panel on Post-Pandemic Parenting, with Meghna Mukherjee and Dr Amit Sen in conversation with Sunalini Mathew