Your Stories: A Shrink Put Me Off Therapy

By Anonymous

I have a very small thing to share … I faced a lot of violence as a child. I suffer from anxiety etc till date. I recently gathered courage and consulted [a renowned psychiatrist] who also happens to be a distant relative.

He continuously across multiple visits kept forgetting what my issues were.

In one meeting after 30 minutes he began talking about how I should deal with sexual abuse whereas I haven’t faced that.

He never took notes of any kind and just seemed keen to end the session and hand me a fresh prescription.

I stopped going and lost the courage to consult anyone else, at least for a while…

Of course this could be an isolated incident, maybe he was having a bad day or whatever.



Editor’s Note: Thanks for sharing a bit of your story… 

We do often come across tales of people who face traumatic episodes with therapists, counsellors who seem to do more harm than good. We are attempting to vet and feature a patient-approved list on our site here

Full disclosure: In this case, our contributor said these thoughts were triggered by seeing the name of *this very psychiatrist on the list… someone who has come recommended by others, so we are of course debating internally what to do with this information, apart from sharing the information.

For those of you looking to seek help, please do feel free to evaluate your therapist from the outset — and empowered to change them. Not everyone is a good fit. Ask around for recommendations, where possible. Please don’t be put off from seeking professional, qualified help because of one ‘bad apple’.