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Overcoming Depression: A Non-Stop Fight

The Health Collective/ Image courtesy Raw Pixel


By Riya*

I have had a difficult, tiring experience with depression. But I fought and overcame it all. Here is my story.

I was a brilliant student until my 10th standard, when I had a nervous breakdown. The doctors in Chennai diagnosed…

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Your Stories: Sadventures by Solo

SADVENTURES by SOLO for The Health Collective
Art by Solo for The Health Collective


About the artist: Solo is a writer and cartoonist from Bangalore. She likes reading, playing video games and binge-watching Netflix. Her life would have been rather unremarkable had it not been for her BPD-fuelled imagination. She also has 4 cats.

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Your Stories: Feat. a SnapRant on Depression

Hi friends, hope you've survived the apocalypse that is post-Diwali pollution. (Those of you outside of Delhi, save yourselves!)
So we were pretty impressed with this evocative, descriptive post by Koval Bhatia, she of A Little Anarky fame...

Do take a look at this post-- will also link to it on…

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