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World Mental Health Day

Monday October 10 marks World Mental Health Day -- at the very least, one day designated (by the World Health Organisation) for the world to pay attention to mental health issues. Of course those are issues we care about year-round, and we couldn't be happier to have many of you contributing, sharing your struggles and hard-won lessons an experiences with us and each other. Here's to creating a community... and moving forward step by step.

We're asking: What comes to mind when you hear the words "mental health"... What does the phrase mean to you?

                  Here is what a psychologist (and dear friend and advisor of the Health Collective) replied:

There is a lot of emphasis on physical health and wellbeing. Mental health requires the same focus. It is crucial that people begin to see health as a combination of mental and physical wellbeing.
As a psychologist a lot of my work has focused on creating awareness about mental health and helping people understand signs and symptoms of common mental health problems. I also believe that counselling should be highlighted as a process of talking about anything that the person thinks is significant. We need to normalise the process of seeking help. Just the way one would consider seeking a doctor's advice for a fever that is not improving, we need to seek the help of a mental health professional for a problem we are finding hard to deal with. And of course, if people who have experienced mental health difficulties share their stories, it is far more powerful. 
        - Arpita Anand, Psychologist


And for further reading: This year the WHO is focusing on psychological first aid. You'll find more info here.

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