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Understanding Depression

June 25, 2016

By Amrita Tripathi


It gets confusing, sometimes, the way we use "I'm feeling depressed" to mean something that is momentary, a case of the "blues"; which is of course also technically accurate usage.

But to understand whether you or a loved one might be suffering from clinical depression, whic…

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Mental Health and You

June 23, 2016
By Amrita Tripathi The World Health Organisation estimated -- back in the 90s -- that one in 4 people would suffer some sort of mental health issue in their life time. Whether it's depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, stress-related issues, addiction, or psychosis like schizophreni…

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From The Archives: Coping with Crisis

June 23, 2016



Dealing with a crisis: Coping with Extreme Thoughts

Arpita Anand

First published: May 28, 2012, 3:42 PM IST | Updated: May 28,2012
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A young woman in her early twenties, sat across me in my office a while ago telling me she had no will to go on. She …

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